Recently, I found myself wrapped in a discussion about whether or not we as artists should be allowed to make any changes in canon repertoire. It came up when the Chicago Opera Theater announced that they will be featuring a unique and exciting new voicing … Continue readingMODERNIZING OPERA


This holiday season, my esteemed friend and colleague, Hunter Hanson, and I wanted to share with everyone a gift of connectivity during this time of isolation and uncertainty. I wrote this piece back in 2019, well before the loneliness of the pandemic, but it is … Continue readingNEW HOLIDAY SONG


I’ve started reading for the first time in a while, and by this, I mean carving out at least 30 minutes in my day to fully immerse myself in a book. As a child, I remember that my summers were filled with trips to my … Continue readingREADING


I spent a long time believing that I would grow up one day to become a doctor. I remember spending countless summer nights listening to my dad as he read passages from his old Gray’s Anatomy textbook, while imagining myself donning a long white coat … Continue readingDEVELOPING IDENTITY


In this time of hardship, we rely on people for different services and products to keep us moving forward. These essential workers can be found in and around the medical field, as first responders, food and agriculture professionals, public workers and many, many more areas.  … Continue readingESSENTIAL ARTISTS