Aubrey Lauren, a coloratura soprano, sings with the intention of bridging the gap between audience and performer. Although she has a deep appreciation for opera, somehow, it remains both distant and disconnected in comparison to other genres.

p.c. April Chien, 2018

After performing in traditional venues across the world, Aubrey Lauren has since discovered her passion for connecting with her audience in innovative ways, returning opera to the masses to show that music will speak to anyone who listens. She has been writing opera librettos, collaboratively composing ballet and video game scores, and teaching others about the love of singing through her online studio. In addition to over 8 years of experience as a music educator, she enjoys sharing her knowledge by leading masterclasses and developing stage presence workshops.

Aubrey Lauren is living out her dream of making art more accessible by fusing classical opera with the wonders of the digital era and proving every day that finding high quality art is not limited to venues such as Carnegie Hall. She has completed her Bachelor’s under the guidance of Sunny Joy Langton at Northwestern University and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Opera Voice with Dr. Maya Sypert at the University of Hawaii, Mānoa.

If you cannot find a stage, then make one.