Other Projects

“The Answer” by Paul Gabriel Cosme
Soprano: Aubrey Lauren
Pianist: Aisha Hindley

Asmoday: “What Is This?”
By Aubrey Lauren and Hunter Hanson
Performed by Aubrey Lauren
New Auburn, WI.

Music by Ben Zucker
Words by Aubrey Lauren
Performed by Liza Sobel, soprano
Mabel Kwan, piano
at Galvin Hall, Northwestern University, on November 12, 2019

It’s the circling sky, melting overhead, underfoot.
The careful writing of paper labels and running home so far away,
as the ink drips into the land you carved,
and an empty voice calls out on the wind; stale like a corpse’s breath.
This has become no place for speech and bright flame,
yet the Moon wins the war in the velvet night as one sides sleeps,
the light from the Sun never fades and the transient world that you create,
is nothing more than honey dried, and milk sour
but at least it still tastes sweet to you.
“Aye que si, aye que no”
Juan Hidalgo (1614-1685)
Early Music Hawaii (EMH) Ensemble
“Golden Age of Spanish Culture”
September 16, 2023
Soprano: Aubrey Lauren
Baroque guitar: Richard Savino
Viola da gamba: Anna Callner Pare
Commissioned by RE Dance Group Chicago for the November 2019 production of What the Moon Pulls.
Composer: Mark Burns
Vocals: Aubrey Lauren

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The Mills: a despair survival game set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world. As The Engineer-the lone human among robots-you will scavenge for resources. Each robot is unique – some are kind, some frightening, and some are aggressive. As you try to stay alive, you must constantly make choices. Will you focus on your survival alone, or help the robots who come across your path?

Game Developer: Nova Villanueva
Audio: Hunter Hanson
Vocals: Aubrey Lauren