In this time of hardship, we rely on people for different services and products to keep us moving forward. These essential workers can be found in and around the medical field, as first responders, food and agriculture professionals, public workers and many, many more areas. 

Thank you to all, including those whose specific jobs I did not list. What you have done and will do for all of us is so crucial, selfless and courageous. Thank you.

To this list, I also wanted to add the artists.

During times of crisis, the world turns to musicians, authors, film makers, poets, sewists, video game makers and countless others for emotional, social, and intellectual support. The creation of art has not slowed down, but rather simply changed platforms or mechanisms in order to effectively disperse the craft. 

We continue to create content to prevent boredom while encouraging safe, digital interaction, give access to free performances of our hard work to spark joy and wonder, provide a powerful outlet for stress relief, teach lessons that inspire the lonely brain…all the while attempting to maintain the mental health of a society stuck at home through human connection. 

As other essential workers outside our homes brave the pandemic head-on, artists comfort those who are sheltering. Every day, creators tirelessly find new and unique ways to paint an alternate reality in which we all can escape, allowing everyone to forget…even if it is just a short time.

And we are more than happy to do so.

Art is a vehicle upon which the world can rely on for support and inspiration, as it connects us to our fellow man and fosters a glimmer of beauty among all this uncertainty. Without art, we all would be left in a sterile, lonely and dark place.

All this to say, please support the artists you know. And even those you don’t. 

Along with medical professionals, community workers and more, thank artists for their efforts to provide everyone with access to their work so that we all avoid going stir-crazy as we wait for things around us to return to a safer kind of normal. I think I speak for all of us when I say:

We will keep singing, sewing, filming, writing, painting, sculpting…because it’s what we do, and we hope everyone enjoys it. Stay safe, stay home and let us entertain you.


I wanted to personally thank all my friends and colleagues for filling up my feed with their art. 

I love it.

I know times are especially hard at the moment but I needed to explain how much of an impact that members of the artistic community have on everyone during this crisis. As a direct result of you continuing to share your passion despite the Pandemic, I feel connected, inspired and much more mentally healthy than if I were not to have the privilege of experiencing your art. Thank you for giving society the gift of your craft.